About us

Comxi is the first company in the global market to specialize
in a full line up of physical cyber security solution, SMARTKEEPER.

‘SMART KEEPER’ has been deployed to over 2000 sites in government, finance, public,
military and energy sectors worldwide to provide first line of defense.

We work tirelessly to contribute to a safer computing environment
through innovative physical cyber security solution.

Security issues in a hyper-connected cyber world is like a spark that has a potential to cause great damage. Even with a complete security system, no entity is immune to cyber security breach, whether from external attacks or internal leakage. Increasing interest and demand for SMARTKEEPER solution has created an opportunity for COMXI to take the next step. For past 10 years, we rigorously researched and invested in our technology to meet the demands of our clients and the market. We hold more than 30 domestic and foreign patents. We received the 2019 President’s Award for small and mid-size businesses (Korea), various other awards for our achievements in developing a new market. SMARTKEEPER has grown beyond the Korean market and our products are being utilized in 22 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East and US. We will continue to strive to become a global company that creates a safer computing environment.

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2,000 + sites

Smart Keeper application site

22 countries

Number of countries exported (2018)


Number of unique products (no competitors)


Number of physical security patents (domestic and overseas)

85 percent

Re-purchase ratio within 2 years

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