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Smart Keeper

Security Trends

Malware Intrusion – Ransomware

No one can be trusted when it comes to Data Leak.
Vast amount of data is a valuable asset to companies. In this second connection age, combining and managing numerous devices and systems has become common and easier. However, security risk has become greater. Getting access to just one device can become a pathway to other devices. One infected device can spread to other devices in no time.

First domestic and foreign physical security products :

We make Physical Cyber Security Products

Simple, yet intuitive and effective, focusing on preventing all physical intrusions.
Block any open ports on a device, prevent theft, or lock any connected cables to prevent unplugging without a key.

Smart Keeeper
Smart Keeeper

Be smart. Keep it safe.

Simple yet Powerful message


A message that cyber security is
the company’s priority.
Prevent internal theft with
a discreet warning.

Smart Keeper

a clear message not only
to external personnel but
to internal employees as well.


Our customers are proving us.

Number of installation sites by year (duplicate transactions included)

Smart Keeper

Source : Comxi

Cumulative Transactions by Industry (2010-2018)

Smart Keeper

Source : Comxi

Be smart. Keep it safe.

Easy to manage More security

Make cyber security easy!
No outsourcing, no maintenance and no updates needed!
Easy to install and remove. Single key to manage with personalized pattern to remove all Smart Keeper devices
Secure distribution channel

Manage more than 30 physical cyber security products with one key!

Smart Keeper Series